Passion for Karting – Mikko Laine – 01

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Passion for Karting - Mikko Laine - 01

I’ve become an avid listener of podcasts in the past few years – in various different genres, and largely due to listening to some great conversations in those podcasts, the enthusiasm to start my own podcast has grown. I met up with successful kart racer Mikko Laine when he was on Holiday in Asia, and it felt like the perfect opportunity to get episode 1 made.

Mikko Laine won the 2014 Rotax Grand Finals in the DD2 category, and has had lots of other success in karting events around the world. He also organises the IAME kart racing series in finland, and his views on his team’s approach for the series was particularly interesting. We also talk about a variety of other topics, and even bring in Mikko’s very successful Floorball career and relate it to success in karting.

This is the first episode in what will hopefully be followed by many more. I’ve got a long list of potential podcast guest I’d love to talk to, and I’m also looking forward to improving the quality of the podcast in many aspects. I’m super grateful and appreciative of anyone that ends up listening to this and any future episodes. If you found anything particularly interesting in this podcast, or of you have any feedback I’d love to hear from you via social media (details below) or email.


Show Highlights:

  • Mikko’s start in Motorsports
  • Age in Sports
  • Simulators
  • Indoor Rental Karting
  • Mikko’s Floorball Career
  • Karting Race Series Organisation
  • Onboard Cameras at Races
  • Comparison of Karting in Asia vs. Finland
  • Moving from Asia to Europe to pursue racing

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