1-on-1 Coaching

Coaching Philosophy

Every driver is unique, and as such each driver requires a different approach from a driver coach. I do however have a few primary goals with my coaching (in addition to making you go FAST).

The goal isn’t simply to just make you fast: it’s to make you faster while making certain that you understand why you’re going faster. By understanding driving technique and being more aware of your own driving you’ll be able to become your own coach. I want to impart as much knowledge as I can, and make it stick. It’s not just a matter of “brake later here, turn-in earlier there.”

Every post-session briefing is exciting as we work together to figure out a way to go faster. There’s a lot of back-and-forth; it’s not a “do what I say” approach.

It's a Journey

Working with a driver is a journey; even if it’s just a single day we spend working on your driving. It starts with establishing where you’re currently at. We then focus on the day ahead of us by working out the best approach to take (varies a lot based on what type of a test day/race weekend is planned).

There will be times of huge improvements in your driving performance as well as moments of gradual, incremental steps. There might be days when if might feel like you’ve taken a step back, only to then make another large step forward.

Adjustments to your driving can be technical, physical, or mental. Set-up issues may be tackled, and you might even work on improving your driving in your road car on public roads (safe strategies of course).

2023 Coaching Rates

How much do you charge?

Car Coaching

1-on-1 Coaching in cars is charged at USD $880/day + travel expenses charged at cost.

I strongly believe in the advantage of working on your driving for more than just one day, which is why additional days are provided at a discount. Most of the drivers I work with are on-going projects, and I love seeing the day-by-day progress just as much as the drivers I work with do. One of my primary goals is to get your awareness of driving to the level where you’ll effectively be able to coach yourself – which definitely takes more than just a single session. Having said that, the greatest gains in lap-time are usually made in the first day or two.

For a select number of cars/racing series, there is a normal discount applied for coaching services. One such example is the Caterham Series in Malaysia.

Kart Coaching

1-on-1 Coaching in karts outside of Singapore is charged at EUR 500/day + travel expenses at cost.

In Singapore, 4 hour blocks at the track on practice days are charged at SGD 450 for 1-on-1 coaching. Add SGD 100 per additional driver (Maximum of 2 recommended on practice days). Special rate applies for drivers aged 9 and under – get in touch.

Simulator Coaching & Simulator Services

On-location simulator coaching as well as remote simulator coaching is an option for those looking to get a bit extra even when they aren’t able to spend the necessary time to travel and get on track. In Singapore we partner with a simulator center which offers professional simulators for hire, enabling simulator coaching in a suitable environment.

I also regularly assist in setting up full turn-key simulator setups with a focus on obtaining the essential pro-level equipment without going into astronomical budgets. Get in touch to learn more about the best way to go about getting a proper race sim to enhance your real life driving.


To arrange a coaching session, get in touch.

Simulator Coaching

Drop me an email at [email protected]