Better Track Maps – Printable Track Layouts

Having printed track maps when you head to a race track is incredibly useful. It’s a great way to write down notes after each session, and it can also help you prepare before heading out on track. Use them to write down your braking points, gears used, and any other critical notes.

Most track maps available online aren’t great for taking down notes for coaching purposes. For example the track is often just a dark line so you aren’t able to draw racing lines, and they miss some important features.  These Full Focus track maps have brake boards, curbs, and some other reference points marked accurately.  A lot of track maps available online aren’t very accurate on the shape of the corners themselves either – which can easily create confusion.

A note on car-specific track maps which include gears and recommended braking points – they are just a rough guide. Many factors change braking points and gear use, and everyone judges braking points differently.

All the maps here are in PDF format in A4 size – ready to print.  We’ll keep adding maps to this page as we make them .

Please note that “better” simply means better at least for our use at Full Focus – hopefully others find them useful as well. Please feel free to use and share these freely. Using software such as InkScape can enable you to easily add or edit some details. Adding your own logo is always a nice touch.