Sepang Circuit Lap Guide Onboard Video

This video is a quick guide around Sepang commentated while racing in a round of the Caterham Motorsport championship.  Be sure to turn on the captions if you struggle to keep up with the fast-pace talking.

The Caterham Supersport is a fun car with a 1.6L Ford Sigma engine putting out 140hp. The track in Sepang is a challenging track with a lot of variety.

If you’re interested in giving the Caterham Supersport or another car a go at Sepang with professional driving instruction, be sure to get in touch.

A few comments on the commentary:

Turn 1:

I mentioned that “We’ll ‘V’ the corner”. What I meant by this is that we effectively double-apex turn 1. The “V” is because we are then able to brake later for the corner, and cut down the distance vs a later turn-in.

With the later turn-in you also find yourself in the annoying situation of having to hold “maintenance throttle” on for a very long time, simply because you still have so much of turn 1 left, and you need to still stay quite close to the inside of it for a wide entry into turn 2.

Turn 4:

Why do we not shift to 5th gear here and hit the limiter for a while instead? Basically it’s because the most that we’ll be on the limiter here without a very strong slipstream is about 1 second. That isn’t long enough to benefit from what is a slow up-shift to 5th gear. The shift in the Caterham from 4th to 5th is a bit difficult (the space between the gates in the shifter are quite far apart), and the 5th gear ratio is quite tall. So for just a second or so you would actually lose time making the shift.

You can also add the difficulty of an additional required down-shift in the entry if you did decide to use 5th on the straight here.

Turn 5 & 6:

In most cars this series of corners really is about balancing the car with the throttle pedal. You’re primarily controlling how much the car is understeering. Staying hard on the throttle of course keeps the car speed up but also keeps the rear tyres loaded. When you ease off the throttle the load transfers back towards the front of the car, reducing understeer. Whether you should have gentle/partial lifts, or more sudden aggressive lifts off the throttle depends on exactly what you need the car to do and how it’s balanced at that particular point in the corner.

Turn 12:

This is a very interesting corner entry. In many cars you will want to turn-in to the corner just a little bit before lifting off the throttle. On the day of this video there was a lot of grip, so I was able to get away with just a partial lift in the Caterham Supersport.  A common mistake particularly in cars that this corner requires a bit more of a lift is to lift before turning-in to the corner.

Turn 15:

The very off-camber design of this corner creates a very interesting challenge. As mentioned in the video the off-camber track actually creates a bit of a crest on the exit, and even in low-power cars this car easily result in wheelspin and oversteer. Lots of patience is required here. Both with getting the car rotated nicely on entry, and being patient on throttle application.

Video Transcript:
Alright, let’s do a commentary here of this lap.So coming up to turn one…
my braking point will be at around 75 meters
we’ll V the corner a little bitso the turn-in’s actually quite early
and down into second gear
that final shift is very late into the cornergentle on the brakes between
turns one and two.really smoothly releasing it.
Use all the track here on the exit
even a little bit of grass if you have to.
Let the car hit the limiter here
if it does.
Brake around 100 for turn 4
Use a lot of the curb on the inside let the car flow to outside on the exit
and quickly get the car across the very right edge for turn 5.
just control the car here with your throttle
If it starts understeering just very gently ease off

Maybe a bit of a lift here for turn six just to get it to tuck in

and then full power all the way through. Use all of the track.

Braking around 30 meters here for turn 7/8.
really smooth brake application and back on the throttle around the mid-point of the two corners.

And braking around the hundred meter board here using that

Asphalt patch on the RIGHT* as a brake marker

2nd gear using curb on the inside.

Here just let it go out a tiny bit for turn 10

Now you’re full throttle.

Into 4th. I hit the limiter a little bit there. I didn’t mean to.

And use all the road on the exit here.

But really quickly get it across… and I’m talking too much.. missing my shifts.

Reaally quick turn 12. Just breathe off the throttle.

and back on it

look for the the escape road on the right for your braking point

3rd gear and use some curb on the inside there. And all the track on the outside.

I’m breaking around the 100 meter
board for the final corner. 3rd gear

There’s a crest there the back always wants to get light

off-camber corner creates a bit of a crest on the exit

Aaand that’s a lap of the Sepang International Circuit

In the Caterham Supersport

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