About Mikko

Mikko Nässi – that’s me. I have a passion for motorsports, and have grown to really enjoy helping others get faster. I’m from Finland and grew up in Asia where I’m currently based. As a kid I cheered on F1 drivers such as Mika Häkkinen, JJ Lehto, Mika Salo, and Kimi Räikkönen. I’m not quite as patriotic anymore and enjoy a good race no matter which drivers are involved.

What started as giving a few tips to teammates and others at the race track,  soon morphed into a career as a driver coach. I’d like to thank everyone that recommended me to other drivers early in my coaching exploits – without those recommendations I likely wouldn’t have pursued this enjoyable profession.

My coaching duties vary a lot from working with adults & kids at all levels in karting, to drivers in series’ such as the Ferrari Challenge and Porsche Carrera Cup, GT3/GT4 racing, and young drivers looking to make the transition from karting to cars (often via simulator coaching). I also regularly instruct at automotive manufacturer driving events (primarily Mercedes-Benz / Mercedes-AMG).

My racing career includes a few highlights such as winning Asian karting championships, and victories & lap records in cars – ask me more if it interests you.   I take just as much joy if not more from getting a driver I work with up onto the top step of the podium. I still race occasionally when an opportunity presents itself, and I’m also active in the online sim-racing world (a simply amazing tool for drivers to get or stay fast).

The great thing about racing and coaching is that you never know everything so there’s always room for improvement. It’s often the least expected sources that help me improve further as a coach (such as new drivers that ask seemingly strange questions about driving technique).