Anger and Racing – Be The One in Control

Anger and Racing – Be The One in Control

Dealing with other drivers is a huge part of racing – it’s one thing to be quick when you’re lapping alone, but to be a complete driver you also need to be able to optimise driving when you’re around others. This includes aspects such as knowing when to hold back behind a driver (hoping to … read more!

Conrad Garrow Wins at ROK Singapore Round 1 – 2024

The opening round of the Singapore ROK Championship included several drivers that Full Focus Driver Coaching has been working with recently: Junior: – Conrad Garrow (Dash-Dash/Fireball) – Sharvesh Senthil (Arina Racing) – Yehonatan Moshe (Arina Racing) – Aaron Chan (GT Racing) Mini ROK: – Satt Kotak (GT Racing) – Aakil Rungta (Arina Racing) Conrad Garrow … read more!

The basics make you great

“Michael Jordan at his peak as a pro started every practice with a chest-pass – the most fundamental movement in basketball. ” –  Tim Grover (Jordan’s trainer) You can easily find similar quotes about almost any high-level top performers.  They keep working on the very fundamentals of the sport. Do you have a grasp  of … read more!

Rowdy & Coach – It’s not (always) the Setup!

Rowdy was understandably upset after spinning out from a podium position! Should the anger have been directed at the car setup though, or perhaps his driving? If the tyre pressures were set wrong the car could start handling a bit poorly too early in a race, but that shouldn’t be anything that the driver can’t … read more!

Tracks Maps Update – Bahrain and KF1 Singapore added!

We’ve updated the Better Track Maps page. Bahrain International Circuit, and the KF1 Karting track in Singapore are the latest additions. These track maps include lots of detail, and remain very printer & note-taking friendly with lots of white space. Navigate over to the Track Maps page for other versions of the tracks. That includes both … read more!

Shifting Technique – A Quick Overview While Racing

I took the opportunity during a race to talk a bit about shifting technique. The purpose of heel & toe when downshifting is to match the revs of the engine and drivetrain to the speed of the driven wheels. Without heel & toe you rely on the synchromesh to do the work for you – … read more!

Sepang Circuit Lap Guide Onboard Video

This video is a quick guide around Sepang commentated while racing in a round of the Caterham Motorsport championship.  Be sure to turn on the captions if you struggle to keep up with the fast-pace talking. The Caterham Supersport is a fun car with a 1.6L Ford Sigma engine putting out 140hp. The track in … read more!

You’re on the Throttle Too Early! Or are you?

You might have heard or read a lot about advice on the appropriate point in a corner to get on the throttle.  Some of the advice may include “At the apex”, “before the apex”, “as soon as possible”, or “immediately after turning-in”.  All could be correct depending on the corner, car, and conditions. My personal … read more!

Slow-in, Fast-out. Taken too far?

Slow-in, Fast-out, is advice that is often given to many new or inexperienced drivers. “Exit speed is most important. Enter the corner slow and get on the throttle as early as possible.” Unfortunately this seemingly harmless bit of advice has the potential to create an insane amount of bad habits, especially when a lot of … read more!